3 Reasons Why to Get an Incident Report After a Fall or Assault in Atlanta

Posted by Nigel PhiriJan 04, 20230 Comments

Premises Liability Lawyer in Atlanta Explains the Importance of Obtaining an Incident Report After Injuries on the Property of Another

One of the most common types of personal injury cases is a premises liability case. This type of case involves an injury occurring on the property of another person, business, government, or another entity. That includes cases such as slip and falls or trip and falls, negligent security, dog bites, fires, black mold, and other types of accidents or dangerous defects that could result in bodily harm. However, the most common types of premises liability cases are falls and assaults. Although an experienced premises liability lawyer in Atlanta can help you investigate liability, build a strong damages claim, and hold a defendant responsible for your injuries, one of the most crucial components to supporting your case is to get an incident report after a fall or assault in Atlanta.

That's because an incident report can help prove several important aspects of your case to help maximize your settlement. Here at The Law Office of Nigel Phiri, Attorney Nigel will  use the incident report to hold a defendant liable for your injuries, including catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other damages. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today by scheduling a FREE consultation with our bodily injury law firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why it is Important to Get an Incident Report

There are several reasons why to get an incident report after a fall or assault in Atlanta. Although, if you have already been injured and did not get an incident report an experienced premises liability lawyer can still successfully represent you, some of the most important reasons to get an incident report after a fall or assault include the following:

1: To Document the Incident and to Create a Record

The first and most obvious reason is to document the incident. This includes where you were, what happened, the date and time, your injuries, and who may have seen it. This information prevents the defendant from being able to argue that the incident did not happen in an attempt to avoid being liable.

2: To Gather Witness Information

When an incident report is created for a slip and fall, in a negligent security incident such as an assault, or for a dog bite, the individual creating the report will collect certain information for you to use later in your lawsuit. That importantly includes witness information, even if it is just the employee creating the report who was at the premises on the day that the incident occurred.

3: It Creates Notice for Preservation of Evidence

Lastly, requesting and obtaining an incident report also creates an event where a defendant will know or should know that litigation may be reasonably foreseeable. What that means is that the defendant will need to preserve evidence of the incident. This includes saving video recordings, taking photographs, or even other actions which may help build your case. If a defendant fails to preserve certain information after a fall, that failure may be used against a defendant in what is known as an “adverse inference charge.”

This is where a trier of fact is told that certain information was not preserved but should have been, and they can assume that the defendant's failure to preserve such information was because that information was harmful to defendant' case. This is a very powerful charge that can help prove your case.

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